gap intelligence is excited to announce some awesome recent enhancements to our data offerings and Dashboard Cards & Tools. Our Product Development Team and Research Group have been working diligently to ensure clients get the most out of our GFD (great freakin’ data). These enhancements offer more flexibility in our tools as well as encouraging new and innovative ways for our clients to navigate the 4 Ps.

Online Instant Savings Promotions Addition

In line with providing clients with latest and most accurate data, our Merchant Pricing Trend and Custom Data Downloads Tools on Dashboard now include online instant savings promotions. Similar to in-store retail instant savings offers, these online promotions will be visible from the Merchant Pricing Trends Tool. Each offer is also detailed within the Pricing and Promotion report types from the Custom Data Downloads Tool.

Best Buy is a great example of a merchant offering multiple different instant savings types including “my Best Buy member pricing” which we now also capture details for (see example below).

Best Buy Member Pricing Example

Amazon Daily Deals

Gradually retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon have introduced their own online “Daily Deals” aiming to highlight certain products with a special promotion typically running for 24 hours or until sold out.

In addition to reporting Best Buy Daily Deals, gap intelligence’s promotion data also now includes Amazon Daily Deals! You can access this data and more, using the Custom Data Downloads or Merchant Pricing Trends on Dashboard.

Amazon Deal of the Day

Product Presence Tool Includes Online Merchants

Online placement activity is a hot topic these days and clients also now have access to both Online & Retail Merchants within the Product Presence Tool. This provides users with the flexibility to focus in on the specific merchants they most care about as well as a complete view of available product placements.

What’s Next for Us?

Be on the lookout, Notes & Changes are coming soon to Dashboard.

The “Notes & Changes” Dashboard Tool provides a high level summary highlighting category specific changes for: Product Debuts, Placement Changes, Advertisements, Retail Price Changes and Retail In-Store-Only Promotions. Currently this view is only available within our Pricing & Promotions Report on DataCenter.

gap intelligence is dedicated to delivering the freshest GFD  through our Dashboard so our clients can get all the relevant updates they need, in one place. Be sure to stay tuned!

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