If you haven’t noticed in our “About Us” section of the website, gap intelligence is hiring! We want awesome people, but also want you to want an awesome company. Being a gapper takes the age old combo of blood, sweat, and tears: the blood from our annual 3Ts blood drive, the sweat from that last hot yoga class, and the tears of laughter from the last gappy hour. It’s no secret we live and breathe our culture. Most people I know are very familiar with the awesome extracurricular things that happen at gap intelligence, but aren’t always so clear on what gappers actually do for work every day.

Analyst and DataOps Departments

While many people contribute to the success of each of our products, I’m going to focus on the two departments that I have experience working in: the Analyst and DataOps departments. Analysts and DataOppers make up the FUNctional teams and hubs that are responsible for the data integrity and insight into every category that gap intelligence tracks.

So, what is the difference between an Analyst and DataOpper? How do they work together and contribute to gap intelligence products? What makes a great Analyst or DataOpper? Here is the low-down, tell-all scoop.

Analyst and DataOps word cloud


Analysts explain the why through reliable intelligence and a client friendly experience.

  • Who are they? Analysts act as industry experts for a gap intelligence category. If you want to know what to expect next year’s new product line up to look like, these are the people to ask.
  • What do they do? Analysts are usually busy working on writing up market intelligence reports, creating client presentations, responding to client inquiries, consulting for and building client relationships, and networking within their category’s industry.
  • You would enjoy being an Analyst if: you like meeting new people, presenting, staying up to date with the news, writing and watching trends.
  • Last week’s Analyst stats:
    • 45+ Market Intelligence reports published
    • 30+ Industry reports published

Analyst and DataOps word cloud


DataOppers are efficient, expert data managers of the primary data collected by gap intelligence.

  • Who are they? DataOppers act as data analysts, usually for one or more gapCategory. They ensure that the data coming in from gap’s multiple sources is accurate, clean, complete, and that the methodology used for processing data is sound.
  • What do they do? Create processes and continually evaluate methodology, compile and clean retail and ecom pricing data, collect and compile ads and promotions data, collect specifications data, ensure accuracy of all data, create data-sourced reports, respond to client inquiries, and ensure client satisfaction.
  • You would enjoy being a DataOpper if: You enjoy data, puzzles and problem solving, looking at numbers, noticing trends in data, have a keen eye for detail.
  • Last week’s DataOps stats:
    • 1,065+ Processed ads
    • 5,180+ Processed promos
    • 8,675+ Collected specs
    • 70,860+ Processed price points
    • 420 New products

The Superteam

Analysts and DataOps are equally invaluable to gap intelligence's success, and their combined powers make for an unstoppable superteam. We all embody gap intelligence's values by being accountable, professional, willing, passionate, and transparent. Some say that if gap intelligence was a boat, Analysts would be the wind and DataOps would be the sails: you need both to go forward. If you are interested in working for the world’s most respected business intelligence platform and services company, please see the About Us page for more details on how to apply, and don’t forget to mention this blog!