For all of you that have been to CES, you know it’s an absolute madhouse. Over 200,000 attendees, 2,700 exhibitors, and well…a circus of performers.

Manufacturers use a wide range of entertainment from Cirque de Soleil-esque men in tights to leopard painted women to entice you to stop at the booth and learn more about the company’s featured products. Though it makes for a good laugh, break-dancing triplets have never influenced my perception of a blade server.

With that in mind, we prepared ourselves for cotton candy hand outs, cheetah girls, and high flying acrobats in anticipation of last week?s InfoComm Trade Show. Fortunately, Barnum and Bailey called and wanted their acts back because what was formerly The Big Top last January was reshaped as the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The most outrageous exhibit? Sony’s empty boardroom setup, complete with three extremely creepy mannequins.

Despite the lack of stage performers, InfoComm still hosted nearly 1,000 exhibitors, 35,000 attendees, and is the largest conference for Pro Audio / Video dealers and buyers. The show had some impressive imaging gadgets and display technologies, but beyond the plethora of home-theater and business projectors, converters, television mounts, and LCD panels was a product that is on the brink of either extinction or extreme proliferation…a mobile phone with an integrated projector.

Not only have multiple manufacturers taken aim at the market by developing component technologies, but consumers are demanding the product. Kids, teenagers, and young adults, the same users who went crazy over the iPhone, are the ones many are believe will go gonzo for a projector phone. The ability to take a picture and then instantly display it on a wall 50 times larger than the LCD screen would make other kids’ Razor phones look like origami.

Don’t worry parents, inappropriate content can only be seen on a 100+ lumens device and these projectors will only offer 50 lumens.