Holy Wi-Fi Batman! Is it just me, or is Wi-Fi the latest purchase-me-now gimmick of the year?

Wireless connectivity is being used to promote a whole range of consumer products, from digital photo frames and cameras, to now, unning shoes. Yes,

now offers shoes that can identify Wi-Fi connectivity, via an internet detection unit in a flap of the left shoe.

The ?detection unit? has three LED lights that tell the wearer how strong the Wi-Fi connectivity is in the immediate area (within a 50-meter range). The purpose of this sneaky innovation?

Beyond the fact that the shoes are a ploy to leverage technology that is on the lips of millions of consumers ready to spend money at the mere mention of just such a fad ? we?re still searching.

So basically, MSTRPLN made a shoe with lights on it, done before and very popular with kids and fans of Power Rangers, but I don?t see Wi-Fi in our shoes filling some technological void. If only Kobe Bryant was a UNIX server programmer.