Kara Hahn

How did you get to gap intelligence?

I moved to San Diego for college in 2013 and I had no idea what I wanted to study or what I would be interested in. I happened to end up majoring in Chemistry, which was where I was exposed to large data sets and I became more interested in the data rather than the chemistry behind the experiments. I dabbled in some Business Analytic courses and decided to enroll in a Data Science Bootcamp to gain some working knowledge in the field. During that time, I heard about gap intelligence through a friend, Darrick Suen, and about the amazing work and culture surrounding the company. I was encouraged to apply and it brought me here!

What values lead you and why?

My most cherished values are integrity and respect. Integrity is important to me because it involves being honest and truthful, regardless of the consequences. I value hearing the truth and telling others the truth because in the end, the truth often leads to something that I can grow and learn from. Respect is also important because as much as people get along for their similarities, there are inevitable differences in the world. It is important to be respectful of our differences, and by doing so, it fosters an environment of open-mindedness and collaboration.

What skills are you bringing to gap intelligence and what skills are you excited to learn?

From previous experiences, I have learned a lot about working as a team and on a team, as well as being there for others. Following through with my responsibilities, as well as anticipating others’ needs and helping them wherever possible is something I hope to bring to gap intelligence. I am excited to learn more about data and how to work smarter, not harder. I am also excited to learn the ins and outs of the company and about what makes gap intelligence unique.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, why, and what would you do with it?

If I could have any superpower it would be teleportation. I would love the ability to be anywhere I wanted in no time, mostly for traveling and to not have to spend time on long flights or in traffic. I would travel to different countries for weekend trips or even just for a bite to eat.

What’s the quirkiest thing about you that you’re willing to admit?

I love to inventory things and use spreadsheets and lists to keep the things in my life organized. For example, my biggest collection is currently bottles of nail polish and I use a spreadsheet to keep track of the brands, names, colors, etc. It’s a bit excessive, but I love to be organized.

What’s your favorite thing to do in San Diego and why?

One of my favorite things to do is to go out by the cliffs and admire the view, or even just to see the ocean while driving on the freeway. The views always exceed my expectations and it’s relaxing to be so close to the water and to momentarily get away from the bustling city. I also love when I can catch a glimpse of either hang gliders or hot air balloons, those moments really make me love living in San Diego.

Hot air balloons in the sky during sunset.

If you could have a personal chef or a live-in maid, which would you chose (describe why)?

I would choose a personal chef over a live-in maid because I actually enjoy cleaning but hate cooking. I’m not a good cook and I am often lost in the kitchen and I prefer any food that is convenient over its taste. The perfect situation would be if someone were to cook for me and I would be able to eat balanced meals and then I would do all the dishes and cleaning afterwards.


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