1) Name:

Stefani Zaki

2) How did you get to gap intelligence?

I graduated from San Diego State in 2016 with a degree in Communication and was eager to start a big girl job with my big girl brain. Growing up, I have always been passionate about helping people who are less fortunate and I wanted to develop my career in that field. I started working at the YMCA a few months after I graduated and quickly moved up into their administration team. Three short months later, I was laid off due to restructuring. I was left feeling like I was set back to a year ago when I was a fresh graduate with no work experience. My sister, Joanna Sullivan (who also works at gap intelligence), offered to help me apply at gap, however, I felt like I wanted to job search on my own to assert this ideal called, independence. Another three months went by and I found myself jobless and bored. I looked over at my sister while we engaged in our ritual patio soul-searching and finally gave in to her offer. Here I am! I’m super appreciative of the opportunity to work with such welcoming and driven individuals who care not only about the company’s growth, but also about their employee’s professional growth. I am very excited to see where this journey takes me and all of the things I’ll learn at gap intelligence.

3) What values lead you and why?

My biggest values I live and breathe by are Respect and Trust. I hold these values dear to me because I believe every human being deserves respect and trust until they lose it. Respect is something not a lot of people value as much because they think it comes naturally, but really it’s how you speak to someone and the actions you choose that determines how the relationship will be. These two values are what make me who I am and I believe are important values to hold.

4) What skills are you bringing to gap intelligence and what skills are you excited to learn?

The skills I have are very crucial in living a solid day-to-day life. These skills are silliness and a high admiration for Drake (Aubrey Drake Graham). It’s important my coworkers know that silliness is often neglected and life really is unpleasant without it. Now let’s go back to Drake, yes he is my favorite artist. No, that doesn’t make me a millennial or not know what good music is. It makes me an awesome person who knows how to dance to good music but can also sit alone in my room and indulge in some “simp” music. “Simp” means someone, usually a man, who is really in tune with his feelings and listens to sad love music. Fun fact: this term actually evolved from Drake's albums always being super sad and talking about past relationships. Anyway, as you can tell my skills are pretty skillful ;) I’m excited for gap to teach me more about data research, our clients, and the ins and outs of the marketing industry.

Drake's face on a sign

5) If you could have any superpower, what would it be, why, and what would you do with it?

I have been asked this question so many times that you'd think I would have a solid answer each time. As I grow older and wiser, I have realized that my most hated thing in life is slow people. That being said, I would want to fly. No more walking behind people, waiting for people to move, or getting caught behind slow drivers. My dream is to get my errands done in a timely manner, which means no traffic, an increase in patience, and overall good health! If you need me, I’ll be in the sky, probably listening to Drake.

6) What’s the quirkiest thing about you that you’re willing to admit?

I don’t know if I would consider this quirky, but I think my knowledge of hip hop (current, not old school) is pretty awesome. I have always listened to hip hop music growing up because I really enjoy the beats produced and the passion in their lyrics. These artists have all been through so much in life and the way those memories are reflected in their music just resonates with me. I also have been told I really bring the heat on the dance floor. I LOVE dancing, especially to hip hop music. My best friend and I are infamous with our friends to enter a club and dance ‘til the lights turn on.

7) What’s your favorite thing to do in San Diego and why?

My favorite thing to do in San Diego is to go to the beach. I know that sounds super generic and boring, but I truly love going! It’s free, relaxing, and there’s always food options for whatever I’m craving. It’s my go-to spot during the summer whether it’s laying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or just walking with friends. I also really enjoy watching sunsets at Sunset Cliffs. It’s a great spot to hike if you are feeling adventurous, or just sit and reflect while watching the sun disappear into the waves. I never regret a day spent at the beach, which is why it’s my favorite spot!

My sister and I at Drives4Rides

8) If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

My top two would be Lucky Charms or Captain Crunch Berries. Both are compiled with variety and flavors that make each bite so exciting. Ultimately, if I had to choose just one, I would have to say Captain Crunch Berries because they’re just so darn good! You get the corn crunch that’s the familiar side of cereal, and then you get the special fruity surprise of the berries (yes, each berry has a different flavor so don’t think otherwise). I believe I am the perfect combination of a little traditional taste of home with surprising bursts of excitement. Remember those spoons that came inside Fruit Loops cereal that used to change color when you dipped it in milk? Yeah, that’s how you should be eating Captain Crunch Berries cereal.

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