One of our mantras here at gap intelligence is “Work Hard, Play Hard.” We are passionate about living life to its fullest and we believe that good times outside the office can lead to more productivity and a more fulfilling work life inside the office. My kids and I took that to heart this summer and had a fun and memorable trip.

My son, Bo, is a soccer player. He likes all sports, but he absolutely loves soccer! When he was younger, he did not sleep with a teddy bear, he cuddled up to a nice fuzzy, warm soccer ball – and soccer seems to love him back. In fact, this summer, he was invited to a camp and tryout at the FK Austria Wien Academy! We had never been to Europe so we decided to take advantage of this opportunity and make a whole family trip out of it. Bo made a PowerPoint presentation and asked family, friends, and service groups to help fund this step in his dream of becoming a professional player and playing on the US National Team. He and his brother, Rickie, did odd jobs and chores for friends and neighbors. I started a side business refinishing old furniture from our garage. All three of us worked very hard so we could play hard in Europe!

Kim, Bo and Rickie

We decided to go a few days before camp started and do some sightseeing while acclimating to the time difference. Our first stop was Budapest, Hungary. Rickie had done a special project studying Hungary in school so he was excited to see it in person! All three of us were amazed at how old and beautiful everything was. We spent three full days there before heading to Vienna to meet up with Bo’s coach and the other two American families there for the camp. We thought Budapest was beautiful, but wow Vienna! On our first day in Vienna, we walked around staring and soaking everything in. We saw amazing architecture, beautiful artwork, historic churches, and even ancient Roman ruins. The boys especially liked the many fountains where they were allowed to put their feet in and cool off!

Bo and Rickie

It was time to get down to business for Bo at camp, although working hard at soccer is actually playing hard for him. The coaches and staff at FK Austria Wien were amazing and Bo had a terrific time! While the kids were playing hard at camp, Rickie and I joined our fellow Americans and toured Vienna and the surrounding area. At the end of the week, FK Austria’s goalkeeping coach invited Bo to join their Academy, which means he can attend high school there if he chooses. No matter what he ends up doing, it is nice to get confirmation that all of his hard work (and mine as a taxi and financial supporter) is paying off, and he has a chance at living his passion and achieving his dream!

Bo playing soccer

After the camp wrapped up, we spent a few extra days exploring the Austrian and Bavarian Alps before heading back home. It was such an incredible experience! I am so grateful to be working at a place like gap intelligence that not only allows, but even encourages, us to take time away and really soak up some joy in life!

Kim, Bo and Rickie