All too often new I am exposed to new ideas and technologies that have one of two immediate affects on my limited intellect. 1) The technology of said invention is so complicated and so daunting in its scale and scope that I can’t appreciate its potential application.

2) In the rare instance I understand the technology, I have no idea how the application is sellable.

Personally, I have attempted to take the “Me” out of scenario #2. As I have gotten older, I have slowly come to grips that I am no longer the fancy of new entertainment and technology.

I am not suppose to get Transformers 2.

I am not suppose to understand how any particular application will better my day – movies and new ideas are for people about 20 years younger than me.

Rarely, do I find an application that I understand and see the potential for. Let me introduce you to

, a start-up based in the Netherlands who have pulled off a miracle – 360 degree video.

Yellowbird developed a 360 degree video camera, the software to stitch those images together, and the player that allows users to interact with the rolling video.

Imagine advertisers using this technology to promote new products. How about strapping a 360 degree camera on top of a race car for live streaming 360 degree video? Heck, in 5 years maybe Google will replace its entire street view mapping service with a national network of Yellowbird videos – not only can I get directions to the park, but I watch turn by turn video to get me there!  Yellowbird’s technology can be liscensed for endless applications, changing how we view online videos.

I get this one…