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gap intelligence’s Germany advertisement tracking service helps clients:
  • Monitor and understand share of voice
  • Improve the ROI of trade marketing activities
  • Understand competitive pricing strategies
  • React to competitor brands’ activity
  • Refine advertising plans

Promotion Tracking

The Next (Service) Level for Germany

Our analysts provide “the why” with insights and analysis. Our easy to use and timely data can help you answer the questions that are unique to your business.

  • How are my SKUs promoted vs competition?

  • How can I know if a price promotion worked well?

  • How can I optimize my next price promotion?

  • What are the drivers of price erosion?

  • How can I assess the impact of price cuts?

  • What pricing and promotional actions will achieve the goal for my category?


Gary Peterson

CEO / Founder

Our Value Proposition

“We are thrilled to replicate in Germany what we have done so well in the United States,” said Gary Peterson, CEO of gap intelligence. “Our value proposition that leads with outstanding data and is layered with meaningful insights, is one that transcends geographic markets. We don’t just drop data on someone’s desk, gap intelligence brings that data to life with meaningful insights and analysis.”

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