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Blurred Lines: The Narrowing Gap Between Contractual and Transactional Supplies Sales

It’s no secret that the print industry has endured major changes as it has matured, and the last few years have been no exception. As the industry consolidates, the number of major players in the game continues to shrink. Dell exited the print business entirely in 2018, and Samsung’s print business was acquired by HP in 2017. ...

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Choosing a Printer That's Perfect for Your Home Office: A Beginner’s Guide

As a print analyst at gap intelligence, my primary role is to work directly with manufacturers to help them make informed business decisions. To put it simply, I tell them what their competitors are doing. As a print analyst outside of gap intelligence, I’m often approached with the question “What printer should I buy?” Those ...

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How Perception Drives New Reality to Lower Overall Inkjet Printing Costs

Ever heard the saying: perception is reality? I am sure you have. But what about when perception actually drives a change to create a new reality? Intrigued?

Let’s start at the beginning… Have you ever thought that buying ink supplies is a pain, is expensive, or harms the environment? If you raised your hand and said yes to any of ...

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gapForecast: What to Expect from the Print Industry In 2015

There are a lot of reasons to feel confident in what 2015 has in store for the print industry. The economy (at least in the US) is looking as strong as it has in recent memory, there are a number of interesting strategies and initiatives emerging, and many vendors in our industry are now posting solid profit and revenue growth. However, there ...
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The A4 MFP Revolution and Its Channel Challenge

One of the most prevalent hardware storylines in recent years has been the increased emphasis placed on A4 MFPs among A3-centric manufacturers and within A3-dominated channels. This A4 MFP revolution has largely come from traditional “copier” players expanding their lineups in an effort to achieve better portfolio balance, capture more page and ...
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Like Netflix? Then you’ll love PrintFlix!

When I go back and think about how different my life is today compared to 10 or 12 years ago, I can’t help but be amazed at how dramatically things have changed.

A handful of products and services have literally transformed how I live my life. Google, TiVo, Facebook, iPhone, Netflix. Each one of these has had a profound impact on daily life by ...
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Office and Production Printing Year in Review

It’s hard to define a year. Some folks may call 2010 a recovery year. Other print industry watchers may call it the year of MPS, the year of services, or the year of the A4s depending on their focus (or bias). Whatever you want to call it, 2010 was certainly quite eventful and I believe set the stage for an even more exciting 2011, especially ...
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